Drawing inspiration from ancient metal working techniques and resurrecting lost arts, Craven Iteri melds modern design with global sentiments, and boasts a range of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings: all which are delicately hand crafted in Los Angeles and Bali.

One of a kind precious and semi-precious stones such as natural diamonds and Australian opals are paired with various metals like 18kt gold, sterling silver and recycled elements. Employing various techniques such as hand forging and wire wrapping, each piece of jewelry is branded with a unique impression.

"Working with the metals and stones has been extremely inspiring. I love the sculptural aspect of the jewelry and the action of adorning. My vision is to continue sourcing materials from exotic regions and finding a local charity to give back to - so its ever evolving." - Karyn Craven

Craven Iteri donates a percentage of sales to the John Fawcett Foundation (BaliEye.org), an organization providing financial relief for those in need of medical assistance in Indonesia, without religious, political or ethnic consideration.

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